When You Need Peace and Some Creative Inspiration, Too

Do you need a little more peace in your life? I know at times I do. This journal, 30 Days to Peace, helps connect us to The Source of our peace, through one month of scripture and journaling prompts.

It’s full of beautiful artwork outlined for you to color if you want. The pages with prompts leave plenty of blank, unlined space to encourage you to answer in whatever way God is speaking to your heart. I appreciate the simplicity of it because it really gives room for you to meditate on the Word and listen to the Holy Spirit.

On my first day I answered the prompt and then did a bit of coloring with gel crayons, which I smudged with a baby wipe. It took me about 10 minutes total, giving me a good breather from a busy day while my kids were napping.

Here are some ways I could see this book being used:

-This would make a perfect gift to stick in a care package for someone going through some turmoil in their life.

-It would be a good gift for someone who enjoys bible journaling or wants to get into the hobby of combining art with scripture without using their bible.

-A family could take turns filling in the pages in this book, jumping around as people feel led to complete a certain prompt. Each could share their thoughts or read others’ responses and see a new perspective on peace.

-With additional planning, a bible study group could use this as a loose outline for studying scriptures and sharing thoughts.

This journal helps your heart focus on peace and the Lord’s perspective on it. And really, who doesn’t need more of that? 

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